EFT Professional Skills 1 Fall 2023

*Please email acepstaff@gmail.com to be on the waitlist for the next scheduled EFT PS1.

This list shows the available days and times for your group sessions, as well as the number of seats still available in each session.  You will be directed to a sign-up page for these sessions AFTER you enroll in the course.

We recommend you identify multiple options in case your first choice is not available when you get to the scheduling page!

Updated  9/25/2023 

If none of these sessions work for you,  or if the sessions are sold out please email acepstaff@gmail.com  and let us know. Please give two or three  times that would work for you, and we will put you on a wait-list and let you know if any new sessions open up at those times.  We will make every effort to have a space for anyone that is eligible.

Guarantee that you get first choice of any new spots that open up.  Sign up for the course now.  If for some reason, you do not get a seat in one of the small group sessions, 100% of your money will be refunded.

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Week 1:  February 5th - 9th  (before Zoom Session #1): Modules 1-4, Week 1 Quiz

Week 2: February 12th - 16th  (before Zoom Session #2): Modules 5-8, Week 2 Quiz

President's day week: No Class February 19th - 23rd

Week 3: February 26th - March 1st (before Zoom Session #3): Modules 9-11, Week 3 Quiz

Week 4: March 4th - 8th (before Zoom Session #4): Modules 12-17, Week 4 Quiz

Week 5: March 11th - 15th Zoom Session #4 All Modules complete

Week 6: March 18th - 22nd Final small group session #5 Final Exam available

All times listed below are in Eastern US time.
Please check YOUR time zone carefully before signing up!

(5 sessions in total: each session is 1 hour long)

  • Monday

    12:00pm EDT (6 of 6)
    Facilitator: George Limberakis

  • Monday

    7:30pm EDT (6 of 6)
    Facilitator: Kristin Holthuis

  • Monday

    9:00pm EDT (6 of 6)
    Facilitator: Kristin Holthuis

  • Tuesday

    3:00pm EDT (6 of 6)
    Facilitator: Ben Schwarcz

  • Wednesday

    11:00am EDT (6 of 6)
    Facilitator: Phil Mollon

  • Thursday

    3:00pm EDT (6 of 6)
    Facilitator: Ben Schwarcz

  • 7:00pm EDT (6 of 6)
    Facilitator: George Limberakis

  • Friday

    10:30am EDT (6 of 6)
    Facilitator: Helen P. Hudson

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