Certification Consultants

The consultants on this list are qualified to work with EFT certification candidates. Contact the consultant of your choice below to meet the consultation requirement component of the certification program

Once you have selected a consultant, please email, acepstaff@gmail.com or call ACEP at 484-380-2448

EFT Clinical Director

Michael DeMolina, MS, LPC, MAC

Anchorage, AK 99518

P: 907-770-3656
E: Michael@Awisdomcenter.com
W: http://awisdomcenter.com

Important Note: Michael is not available to serve as an EFT consultant, but he is available for your required personal EFT sessions.

Michael has over twenty years as a psychotherapist and educator. He presents trainings in Energy Therapies, NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Certification Courses, the Core Transformation Process, and a Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma. Absolutely dedicated to each individual student's journey, Michael's vision is to assist as many people as possible to fully embrace their gifts and purpose, and to facilitate the alignment of their personal and professional goals with their highest-level values. His trainings blend the fun and humor of play within a deeply safe experience of personal transformation. Michael is chairman emeritus of the National Qigong Association (USA), co-developer of Wisdom Response Techniques(tm) and co-founder of Wisdom Traditions, an integrative health and wellness center.

EFT Consultant

Kristin Holthuis, MD, DCEP

Costa Rica

Email: medicinadeluz@gmail.com
Phone: +506-83011616

Kristin Holthuis is a Dutch family physician who lives and works in Costa Rica for over 20 years. In her holistic private practice she has completely integrated a variety of Energy Psychology modalities.  She is passionate about teaching healthcare professionals, educators and organizations to use these tools in their daily practice.

She is a certified EFT facilitator and teacher. She also is a teacher of ACEP's Comprehensive Energy Psychology, TAT, TFT and TTT and Matrix Re-imprinting.


EFT Consultant

Helen P. Hudson, LMFT, EFT-ACAP, RN

Honolulu, Hawaii

P: 702 234 6337
E: 221elite@gmail.com
W: www.elitecoachingservices.com/

Helen learned about the swift results of EFT in 2003 and subsequently trained. Gaining EFT-CC. EFT-ADV & EFT-Cert I certification. She is a certified practitioner with EFT Universe, AAMET and the ACEP. Furthermore, she originally took the training offered by Gary Craig and Patricia Carrington.

Helen is renowned for effectively using EFT to address core issues, behavior patters and limiting self-belief. Thus dreams can be realized and goals achieved, despite current circumstances, past limitations or economic uncertainty.

She continues to live her dream: working with an international clientele, continuing to publish articles, contributing to the popular self-help book '101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career', providing health education to a large comprehensive health center on Oahu, gaining a graduate degree in psychology and living in the paradise that is Hawaii.

EFT Consultant

George Limberakis, LCMHC

Salt Lake City, UT

P: 801-487-4298
E: george@georgelimberakis.com

George has been a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Salt Lake City, Utah since 2002 utilizing, primarily, mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy. He first learned of EFT in 2012 and attended his first ACEP conference in June of that year to learn more about Energy Psychology. Being very impressed with the quality of the speakers and presentations at the conference and excited about the promise of EP, he overcame a fair amount of skepticism and enrolled in the first level of EFT training. He hasn’t looked back since.
“I’m very pleased with the results I have seen in my patients as a result of adding EFT to my practice. It gives me hope and encouragement as a therapist to witness people move past the energetic blockages that have kept them stuck.”

George is excited to be a part of the EFT training team. He is a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology with ACEP.

EFT Consultant

Phil Mollon, PhD, DCEP

UK Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst
Letchworth Garden City, United Kingdom

P: [H] 44 [0] 1462 679825.
E: mollon@clara.net OR phil_mollon@yahoo.co.uk
W: www.philmollon.co.uk

With his background as a clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst (IPA), and psychotherapist (Tavistock Clinic Qualification), Dr. Mollon has developed an integrated approach that he describes as Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy. Aspects of his work are represented in his book EMDR and the Energy Therapies: Psychoanalytic Perspectives (Karnac, 2005), and in his most recent book, Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy (Karnac 2008). Topics of earlier (non-energy psychological) books have included trauma, shame, and Kohutian self psychology.

EFT Consultant

Ben Schwarz, MFT, ACAP-EFT

Santa Rosa, CA

P: 707-326-5566
E: BenjaminSchwarcz@gmail.com

Ben's main areas of focus are trauma, loss, anxiety, perfectionism, spiritual emergence, and coaching entrepreneurs and healers to overcome their emotional barriers to success and peak performance. Ben is the co-creator of an Energy Psychology method for ancestral healing, called Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques (ATRT™), and also works with psychedelic somatic therapy modalities and breathwork. He has also been a student of mindfulness meditation and eastern philosophy for more than 30 years. Ben has been working in the mental health field since 1991 in various clinical settings in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has been in private practice for more than 23 years. His graduate degree is in Transpersonal Psychology, and EFT has been his main therapeutic modality since 2007. Ben was a student of Gary Craig's original EFT and did his advanced certification through ACEP under the supervision of Tina Craig.

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