Transferring your EFT training from other programs to the ACEP EFT Mentoring and Certification program.

With the popularity and established reputation of ACEP’s EFT Mentoring & Certification program, we have received many requests from people, who have taken EFT training from other organizations, asking to apply their other trainings toward ACEP- certification. In order to assure that practitioners, who become certified in EFT by ACEP meet our minimum standards, we have implemented the following standard policy that is applicable to all who seek ACEP-EFT certification. While we understand that each case is unique, ACEP does not have the resources to customize transfer requests. The training organizations that are recognized by ACEP are EFT International (EFTi), EFT Universe and The Hispanic Association of EFT (AHEFT).

After considerable thought, we have reached the following principles and procedures:

  1. ACEP recognizes the value of EFT trainings, offered by reputable organizations, completed by the certification candidate. Although there are many similarities between EFT trainings, each program or trainer is different. We’ve received repeated feedback that, even though people have already studied EFT, students benefit greatly from our program.   Our trainers have taken multiple replications of various programs to deepen their knowledge.   In the end, our goal is to have well trained clinicians to better serve their clients.
  2. While ACEP teaches the requisite EFT skills, the ACEP program is different from most other EFT programs. There is an explicit emphasis on:
    1. Integrating EFT with a trauma informed approach
    2. Using language and training that better integrates EFT with other psychological approaches
    3. Is explicitly designed for licensed mental health clinicians and offers direction in implementing EFT into a clinical practice.
  3. We want to assure there are as few gaps in learning as possible. In addition to the differences from other programs listed in #2, other programs use multiple trainers.  There is simply no way to know if those trainers are maintaining fidelity to their program’s curriculum.   It would require too much time and expense to assure that a person’s training was adequate.   To that end, we require all candidates to take our PS1 and PS2 trainings, at a significant discount.  This way we are assured that they have the same training as those who have completed our certification process.   We place a high priority on assuring that practitioners certified by ACEP are well trained and meet the minimum standards for our ACP-EFT certification.


For people who have taken other EFT trainings but have not been certified and want to be certified by ACEP:

the candidate must meet the following criteria and take the following actions:

• Meet ACEP professional eligibility requirements

• Have taken, within the last 5 years, EFT levels 1 and 2 from EFTi or AHEFT or EFTU’s  4 Day professional certification program.

• Become a member of ACEP

• Document 25 hours of EFT sessions with clients to begin certification

• Demonstrate commitment to completing the ACP-EFT certification by meeting the following requirements:

• Pay the special discounted price of $1610 (a savings of $427), which includes:

• PS 1 (at a 50% discount)

• PS2 (at a 50% discount)

• Video submissions and 5 mentoring sessions, as described in “EFT
Certification Steps and Tuition”     https://www.energypsych.org/page/EFTcertv2

• 3 sessions of personal EFT with and an ACEP-certified advanced practitioner (ACAP-EFT) (additional fee of $360 paid directly to the practitioner)

• Pass Ethics test ($125 additional fee)

• Pass written test

• Supply 2 references

• Complete required reading

• Have a total of 50 hours of documented hours of EFT to complete ACP-EFT certification

To achieve Advanced Practitioner Certification (ACAP-EFT), all candidates will follow established program requirements beyond ACP-EFT certification.

N.B. ACEP does not offer any discounts to just our PS1 or PS2 course for people that have already taken and EFT PS1 or PS2.  The 50% discount listed above is only for people who have committed to the mentoring and certification process.

For people who are already certified as practitioners by EFTi, EFT Universe or The Hispanic Association of EFT (AHEFT)

the candidate must meet the following criteria and take the following actions:

• Must meet ACEP professional eligibility requirements

• Must become a member of ACEP

• Pay $1125 to cover the below

• Supply documentation of hours and all other documentation such as references

• Take PS1 and PS2 (at least watch the videos at own pace or take full courses, including Zoom sessions)

• Submit 3 videos for review (as per ACEP certification guidelines)

• Receive 1 hour of feedback on the videos 

• Pass written test 

• In the event that the skills demonstrated in the submitted videos do not meet the minimum requirements for ACP-EFT certification, additional consultation and video submission will be required at additional cost to the certification candidate.

• Pass Ethics course ($125 additional fee)

• Personal EFT sessions waived if they have documented personal EFT sessions elsewhere. Otherwise, three individual sessions with an ACAP-EFT are required at additional cost of $360 paid, directly, to the practitioner.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions you can contact us  at acepstaff@gmail.com   |  484-380-2448.

N.B.  There are no exceptions to these policies.

ACEP is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Association

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