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EFT Certification

ACEP Certified EFT Practitioner Level (ACP-EFT)

What are the steps for ACEP-EFT Practitioner Certification?

Prerequisites for EFT certification

  • Enroll in ACEP's EFT Professional Skills 1 online course
    ($397) Register Here 
    - Pass online exam
    - Practice techniques
  • Enroll in ACEP's EFT Professional Skills 2 online course
    $447) Register Here
    - Pass online exam
    - Practice techniques

EFT Certification Steps

From here down, these steps can be done in any order, with the exception of membership and the consultation / video reviews, which are done essentially simultaneously.
(e.g., you can take the ethics exam at any time in the process) 

  1. Become a member of ACEP
    ($135 - U.S.) See web page for other options. Join Now
  2. EFT Certification application and complete 5 hours sessions of online one-on-one consultation*
    These sessions are semi-structured and include a specific focus for each session. Each participant will be asked to demonstrate a specific skill. Students are expected to bring specific cases. These sessions may be used to give feedback about videos submitted for review or your storyboard of video 2. Bring a challenge, issue or brag.Should you need additional consultation time beyond the 5 hours, the cost will be $125/hour, payable to ACEP. The need for additional consultation time is at the consultant's discretion.

    Choose your consultant from the list here
    Contact your consultant and get their approval, then email Alyson at alyson@energypsych.org with the name of your chosen consultant.

  3. Submit three videos for review*
    It's mandatory to send your signed client release to your consultant prior to them reviewing any of your videos.
    (print video release form)

    • First Video: Cover the tapping points, a pre-frame, Constricted Breathing, and explain the Personal Peace Procedure. This should show that you can explain the EFT basics to your client.
    • Second Video: Show the Tearless Trauma Technique and Tell The Story Technique. Demonstrate the story board/crescendo sequence of the your second video session in writing.
    • Third Video: Submit an EFT session with a client (up to 50 minutes). Your consultant will watch the video on their own time and may have questions, so be prepared to discuss what was happening and how you made the choices you made during the video.  The video should demonstrate at least one of the major techniques you've learned (e.g. Tell the Story Technique, Chasing the Pain, Tearless Trauma Technique).

      Once you complete this application, you will receive an email (allow 24-48 hours) with a packet of instructions on how to move forward.

  4. Complete EFT Ethics Course and pass the exam. When it's completed and you've passed the exam, please send in a copy of the certificate or something showing that you passed the exam. 

Purchase Ethics Course here ($125)

  1. Pass written EFT knowledge exam (coming soon).
  2. Complete 50 hours of client sessions. These must be documented and a sheet turned in before the end of the program. Client sessions can be documented at any time after you start EFT Professional Skills 1. Download the sheet here.
  3. Complete three hours of personal EFT work with an ACEP certified Advanced EFT practitioner. The point of this is for you to have a direct experience of EFT from the inside. This makes you a better practitioner. ACEP has arranged for a list of advanced practitioners who have agreed to charge $120 per session for your three sessions. ($360)

    When you reach this point, contact Alyson at alyson@energypsych.org or 484-380-2448 f
    or the list of practitioners.

    Note: Your practitioner can not be the person who is running your consultant session and doing your video reviews. Your practitioner will only be required to attest that you have completed three sessions. They will not discuss anything that occurs during your session with them as a client. 
  4. Required Reading
  5. Submit two (2) professional reference letters from colleagues who can vouch for your work as a practitioner of EFT. Please have your references submit a letter on their letterhead to attest to your qualifications and ethical behavior as an EFT practitioner. The letter should be sent via email as a Word document or PDF to Alyson D’Alessandro at alyson@energypsych.org or can be faxed to 484-418-1019.
  6. Sign EFT certification contract

Cost for the EFT practitioner certification after Professional Skills 2: approx. $1675

(Plus cost of materials, such as books.)

*ACEP has the right to make final decision on the eligibility of any applicant.


Renewal of certification is every two years:  $125

ACEP Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner Level (ACAP-EFT)

What are the steps for EFT Advanced Practitioner Certification? 

Complete ACEP EFT certification, plus

  • Additional 50 hours of multi-session clients
  • 2 or 3 video submissions  ($495)
    • Movie Technique (can include Movie Technique in Tell the Story below)
    • Chasing the Pain
    • Tell the Story technique with special emphasis on tables and legs, and getting specific, and testing, especially vivid visualization. (This is more advanced. We will be looking for more subtlety and grace.  Should move from Tearless Trauma (to Movie Technique) to Tell the Story to Vivid Visualization. (This video can be longer if it includes the Movie Technique.)
  • hours sessions of online one-on-one consultation ($695)These sessions are  semi-structured and include a specific focus for each session. Each participant will be asked to demonstrate a specific skill. Students are expected to bring specific cases. You can bring a challenge, issue or brag.  (Sessions can be shared with up to one other student -  $400/per student)
  • Enroll in the Science of Energy Healing online course and pass the CE exam (SPECIAL PRICE of $297 including CE hours if you have not taken the course previously. If you have, you'll just provide proof of passing the test.) Contact the office for a coupon code.  Register Now 

Total cost for Advanced Practitioner   $1487

*ACEP has the right to make final decision on the eligibility of any applicant.


Renewal of certification is every two years:  $125