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5 Reasons you need mind-body approaches (like EFT) in your toolkit

  1. The latest neuroscience findings and trauma-informed therapy point to the importance of including non-verbal, body-oriented, “bottom-up” systems to effectively treat most emotional problems.
  2. The vast majority of psychological and emotional problems are created or exacerbated by stressful and traumatic events.
  3. More and more clients are looking for holistic approaches.
  4. Relying only on talk therapy is like playing a piano with one hand tied behind your back.
  5. Mind-body approaches allow you to work on multiple levels at the same time.

This EFT Professional Skills 1 workshop, thoughtfully designed by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology,  meets all of these reasons and much more.eft workshop, eft training, eft course, emotional freedom techniques

Is this EFT course a good fit for you?

  • Do you wish you had an evidence-based, mind-body approach that can rapidly treat traumatic or stressful memories and experiences with results that last?
  • Do you want tools that help clients develop a mindful and compassionate perspective as well as shift their experience towards emotional well being ?
  • If a client is about to tell you a horrible event that causes them tremendous emotional pain, are you absolutely confident that you can stay totally present with them AND help them resolve that event so that they feel whole and without pain?
  • Do you desire a skill set that allowed you to work effectively with a wide variety of clinical and performance issues?
  • Is it important to you to have a professional level energy psychology training that you can integrate with your current framework and skills?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then read on about this great Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)  training!

This EFT course is designed for psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, addictions counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, physicians, psychiatric nurses and acupuncturists. 14 CE/CME/CNE is available.

A version of the course tailored for coaches and allied health professionals will be available in the future.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

The most well known and researched energy psychology method.
So, it's a great place to start - or broaden your holistic toolkit.

EFT course - EFT training lotus

Rapid, Gentle & Effective

  • Deeply effective at treating a wide variety of conditions including stress, anxiety, panic, trauma,  addictions, depression, chronic pain.
  • Works swiftly, even with trauma and post traumatic stress (including severe and complex trauma)
  • Restores emotional regulation without significant adverse effects and less medication*
  • Powerful tool for working with school, business and sports performance issues (some Olympic athletes use EFT!)


    * The statement on medication is based on clinical experience.

EFT Course  EFT workshop  Evidence

Evidence Based

  • There have been over 100 published studies using meridian tapping approaches
  •  50 randomized controlled trials
  • 98% of published studies have found positive results
  • 3 meta analyses of EFT specifically, and they all showed large effect sizes
  • Now approved as a “generally safe” therapy by the US Veterans Administration (VA).


  • The latest neuroscience findings show that stress and trauma affects a person's body-mind system.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques works with the body, emotions, sensory information and cognitions in an integrated manner.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques utilizes awareness, mindfulness
    and the therapeutic relationship.
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Integrates Easily With

  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • EMDR
  • Couples & family approaches
  • Mindfulness
  • Addiction models
  • And many other approaches

emotional freedom techniques

What is EFT?

Sometimes called "acupressure for the emotions,” Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) (or "tapping”) is a highly focused energy psychology method that rapidly releases the emotional impact of stressful or traumatic life events from the body-mind system.

First, clients bring their attention to distressing memories and symptoms. Second, practitioners walk them through a process of voicing specific statements while tapping on a series of acupuncture meridian points. This activation appears to reduce levels of stress while stimulating processing of previously stuck emotions and habit patterns.    Do you want to learn more about EFT? - Watch our free video series.

What Makes This EFT Course Special?

In a recent survey, 74%  our students rated this EFT course as MORE effective than a live 2 day training.  The remaining 26% rated it equal to live training.

This course:

  • Includes live, virtual small group meetings with trained EFT expert facilitators. You will actually be doing video online practice sessions with another student.  You can even ask for help from your highly trained EFT facilitator in real time. (Yes, we have solved that drawback to online training.)
  • Is tailored for mental health professionals, physicians, nurses and other licensed allied health professionals. (A course for coaches will be available soon.)
  • Includes demonstrations with detailed commentary to help you think like an expert EFT practitioner.
  • Is designed so that you will go deeper and faster than many other courses.

By the end of Professional Skills 1, you will have the basic tools you need to use EFT with many of your clients’ problems.            EFT course


You will:

  • Learn EFT from an integrative framework that spans many areas, from cognitive-based therapy to interpersonal neurobiology to Qigong
  • Discover how to incorporate EFT with the needs of clinical practice such as treatment planning
  • Learn techniques that are usually taught in more advanced EFT courses
  • Understand how to use EFT from both a palliative care/symptom management approach as well as a trauma informed framework. And you will learn when to use each approach.
  • Learn from trainers who are licensed mental health clinicians with over 50 years of combined experience AND who are experts in energy psychology, trauma, addiction, Qigong and more.
  • Be able to get CME/CNE (physicians and nurses) or CE (psychologists, social workers, counselors, addiction counselors)

What will the EFT training look like?

  • A 5 week, structured online program that allows you to learn EFT from the comfort of your own home or office, at times that are convenient for you
  • Mixed with 4, weekly LIVE virtual small group practice sessions with your own trained EFT facilitator so you can ask questions and practice the skills (just like you do in an on-site workshop). These video sessions let you hear and see the entire small group.

Each live session has two aspects:

1) Discussions/questions - you will get to ask questions and there will be discussions of important concepts

2) Practice (this is so cool!) You will pair off with one person in a virtual break out room. You and your partner will actually practice different parts of EFT. If you run into issue you can ask for help from your facilitator or your facilitator may just enter the room and observe. This is just like doing a practice session in a live workshop. Actually it is better because the ratio of students to trainer is 6:1.You will also have access to a closed Facebook page so you can interact with fellow classmates and get your questions answered.

You'll get these powerful learning tools

  • 1

    VIDEOS of all faculty presentations that you can stream

  • 2

    AUDIO FILES for easy listening. You can download these files quickly and listen to them anywhere

  • 3

    PROFESSIONAL TRANSCRIPTS that you can study to deepen your learning. We’ve created full transcripts for each presentation so you can more easily integrate the key ideas into your work.

  • 4

    HANDOUTS that supplement the lectures, including graphs and charts

  • 5

    QUIZZES that provide you with feedback on how well you’re retaining what you’re learning

  • 6

    HOMEWORK that helps you deepen your understanding of key ideas and techniques

By the end of this course
you’ll be ready to start using EFT with your clients.

EFT Course Outline

  • Basics of EFT detective work
  • Discerning “aspects” of a problem
  • Creating Story Boards
  • Detecting emotional crescendos
  • Mind mapping a problem
  • Eliciting specific events
  • Table Tops and Table Legs
  • How to deconstruct beliefs, diagnoses and symptoms into treatable components
  • Testing your work
  • The Basic Recipe
  • Setup statements
  • Additional points
  • Nine Gamut Procedure
  • Constricted Breathing Technique
  • Tell-the-Story Technique
  • Tearless Trauma Technique
  • The Personal Peace Procedure
  • Vivid Visualization
  • Integrating EFT into a trauma-informed approach
  • Integrating EFT with other clinical approaches
  • Scientific research demonstrating that EFT is evidence-based treatment
  • Neuroscience of EFT
    • Interpersonal Neurobiology
    • Polyvagal theory
    • Memory Reconsolidation
  • Ethical considerations
  • The history of EFT and its place in energy psychology
  • Difference between professional and personal use of EFT
  • EFT and mind-body approaches to treatment
  • How to use EFT for symptom relief and emotional down regulation (palliative care)
  • How to work with EFT to treat the source of problems
  • How to integrate EFT with your practice
  • How to introduce EFT to clients
  • Integrating EFT with treatment planning
  • Basic applications to specific disorders including  trauma, stress, addictions, anxiety, over eating, pain, and performance issues

Meet the Trainers

Michael DeMolina, MS, LPC, DCEP

Michael DeMolina has been ACEP’s lead EFT trainer for over 7 years. He is a rare breed of trainer who understands and practices energy work and psychotherapy in both breadth and depth. Michael is a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (DCEP) and an ACEP Certified Advanced Practitioner of EFT. He is chairman emeritus of the National Qigong Association and was selected as a “National Expert in Qigong and Tai Chi” by the University of Illinois. He is also a nationally certified master addiction counselor and a master practitioner and trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming. He served in the U.S. Army for four years as a behavioral science specialist. Michael is completing his PhD in psychology.

Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP

Robert Schwarz has been a licensed psychologist for 30 years. He is a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (DCEP). Bob has trained therapists internationally on trauma treatment, panic and anxiety, energy psychology. For the last 10 years Bob has been the executive director of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. He has organized over 25 conferences on energy psychology trauma treatment, Ericksonian hypnosis, brief therapy, that trained over 18,000 therapists. Bob also designed ACEP’s online program The Science of Energy Healing. He has authored 3 books: Tools for Transforming Trauma, PTSD: A Clinician’s Guide and We’re No Fun Anymore: Guiding Couples to a Joy Filled Marriage Through the Power of Play, as well as numerous articles and papers.       Emotional Freedom Techniques


A few of our many rave reviews

I am finding this course very valuable even though I was already using EFT with clients.  It presents EFT very clearly and breaks it down in ways that were new to me despite having studied EFT.  Although I knew Emotional Freedom Techniques worked, I wasn't getting the results I wanted with clients - now I understand what to do a bit differently for better results."

Elizabeth K. Handleman, Ph.D., DCEP:, Hingham, Massachusetts

The content is challenging and fast paced but broken into manageable learning experiences. It is very beneficial  to have unlimited access to the presentations and to have the ability to listen to them as many times as needed. The videos are extremely well done. Using Zoom for Q&A , review, and practice is very beneficial, enhances the learning experience, and is easy to use."

Renée R Fletcher, MSN, RN, CNS, HTCP, MSI-BC, Nurse Director Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation - Methodist Hospital - San Antonio, Tx

I am really enjoying the modules. So well put together. I feel really cared for in the learning of this material. I like the pace and the quality of time you spend on each point. Online learning continues to blow me away at how effective it is. I'm in Switzerland and feel blessed to be able to join you in learning something I've had on my radar for many years! I am in the midst of my own health journey right now and have been using tapping on myself. This is how I was finally convinced it's time for me to learn it thoroughly and incorporate it into my work with adults and teens.


Leslie Peake, MS , Upper School Counselor at Zurich International School Switzerland

How Do I Sign Up?

  • 1

    Enroll in the next class.

    You must be enrolled at least 1 week before class begins. Once the class is filled you will be able to join the next available class (usually 2 months later). Classes fill quickly so we encourage you to sign up today to hold your space!

  • 2

    Sign up for your specific small group day and time.

    There will be multiple options available. You will be signing up for 4, 1-hour sessions at the same day and time. The earlier you sign up, the more selection you have for the times and days of your small group practice sessions. Spaces are limited to only 6 students per session so that instructors can better facilitate the practice sessions. Check out available dates and times for group work by clicking on the calendar below.

  • 3

    Once the class opens, start watching or listening to the material online.

    You can do this whenever you want. You can stream video and audio or download the audio and written material. Assignments are given throughout the course.

  • 4

    Move at a pace so that you will have covered the material necessary before each of the four live sessions.

    Each live session builds upon the previous sessions and course material. (Just like it would in a live workshop.)

  • 5

    At the end of the course...

    You can take a multiple choice test if you want CE/CME/CNE hours.

Group discounts are available:  Groups of 3-4 can save 10%. Groups of 5 or more can save 15%.  Click here for details

Tuition - $447 (includes CE!)

Sign up Now For Sept 17th ClassRegister early to get the best small group time for you

Class Start Dates

  • September 17, 2018 (Monday)

    Registration is now open. Click here to view the calendar for small group sessions.

  • November Class

    Sign up to get an alert when registration opens PLUS get access to our free EFT miniseries.

Eligibility for EFT Professional Skills 1

The program is intended for practitioners in any profession who are trained and licensed to work with emotional trauma and distress, or with the emotional aspects of illness or injury, or with any kind of mental health problems. This program assumes a reasonable level of counseling skill. The following degrees and/or job specializations are required.

  • Masters' degree level or higher licensed mental health professionals (psychologists, social workers, counselors, MFTs, LMHCs, addiction counselors)
  • Psychiatrists and physicians
  • Nurses with an MSN specializing in psychiatric nursing
  • Certified addiction counselors (bachelors' level) who have at least 3 years full time experience counseling addicts
  • Licensed acupuncturists or licensed chiropractors (you should already have experience and counseling skills dealing with client’s emotional issues)

If you are unsure if you meet these criteria, contact Alyson D'Alessandro at or call 484-380-2448.

Coaches and other allied health professionals

ACEP is creating a parallel EFT course geared to your needs. We expect it will be ready in early 2019.

Over the years we have found that there are enough differences between the needs of mental health professionals and coaches and other allied health professionals that it is advantageous to train them differently.

The economics of live training made that impossible. But online is different. We apologize for making you wait, but we had to start somewhere. Please let us know how much demand there is for a coaches/allied health training us by signing up on the wait list. So, the more people that sign up the more pressure we have to make this happen as quickly as possible.

Currently, ACEP is not planning to create an online EFT course for individuals who want to learn EFT for self-help.

Tuition - $447 (includes CE!)

next class begins sept. 17thclick here to register!

14 CE/CME/CNE hrs available for
Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors,
LMFTS, Physicians, Nurses & Acupuncturists

Technical Requirements for this EFT Course

You will need access to:

  • A computer (mac or PC), smart phone or tablet
  • Access to the internet at a rate that allows for video
  • A webcam and microphone so that you can participate in the live virtual sessions

What If I Want to Go Further?

Our Professional Skills Level 2 online EFT course will launch in the fall of 2018, immediately followed by the option for you to continue on for certification.

Continuing Education

14 CE/CME/CNE hours are available for this EFT course for psychologists, social workers, counselors, LMFTs, physicians, nurses, and acupuncturists. Learn more

Instructions for Requesting Accomodations for Disabilities

If you require accommodations for a disability, please contact us at 484-380-2448 or via email at

Want EFT training, but can't make this EFT Course?

Future 2018 classes are planned for September and November.   Sign up for notification of future EFT classes  PLUS get access to our free EFT miniseries.


Questions or Concerns?

For more information, questions or concerns, contact ACEP - Alyson D’Alessandro  |  |  484-380-2448.

ACEP is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Association

7 day unconditional guarantee

Purchasing this amazing EFT course is 100% risk free with ACEP’s unconditional guarantee.  The refund period is limited  because of the length of the course.  Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with the course for any reason, contact us within 7 days after the class starts and we will refund 100% of your money.  No refunds will be processed after 7 days.

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ACEP works to establish the credibility and efficacy of energy psychology methods through its programs of educationcertificationethics, humanitarian aid and research. By upholding standards of practice and a code of ethics for energy psychology practitioners, ACEP raises the bar of professionalism for this emerging field. ACEP also has ongoing initiatives to increase public awareness of the effectiveness and cost efficiency of these methods. Formed as a non-profit in 1999, ACEP has a global membership of over 1,200 licensed mental health professionals and allied health practitioners.

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