EFT Professional Skills  1 Group Discounts

10% discount for groups of 3 to 4 registrants

15% discount for groups of 5 or more registrants

Clinics, Hospitals, Agencies:  We want to support you in adding EFT to your clinical tools. You can maximize your training dollar and reap the synergies of having multiple clinicians using EFT as part of a mind-body and trauma-informed practice. You will have no travel expenses or down time, and your clinicians can train with each other online as well as support each other in the field. ACEP can also supply additional consultation geared to your population if you want it.

Steps to receive your group discount code:

Select a group leader.

Group leader calls 484-380-2448 or email acepstaff@gmail.com to receive the group's promo code PRIOR TO submitting registrations.

The group leader will need to provide us with the names of each group member. (Everyone in the group will use the same promo code.)

Once the group discount code is assigned, each person in the group has a three day time frame to register.

How to register once the discount code is assigned:

  • Registering online: Complete the registration form. When you get to the payment page, there will be a box for a promotional code. Each person will enter the same group code and click "APPLY." Promo codes are case sensitive. It will deduct the percentage off the full course fee.
  • Registering by phone: Call the ACEP office at 484-380-2448 and we will help you through the process.


Q:Is it possible for me to get a custom training for my organization?

A: Yes, it is.  Contact the office if you are interested in this.   We will be glad to discuss the possibilities.

Q: How soon must I register for the course once a group is formed?

A: You have 3 days from the time the group leader receives and distributes the code to all members of the group. 

​Q: Can two people register for the course at one point and then add a third person at a later date to make a group?

A: No. You cannot form a group post hoc. Try to get a third person for your group, call in and get the code and then register.

​Q: If I have a group of four people and get the code, can a fifth or sixth person join our group after the fact?

A: Yes! You are welcome to give them the same code you used. Just remember, there is a strict window of 3 days to use the code. Also, please note you cannot upgrade to the 15% discount after you have already used the 10% off code.

Q: What happens if not everyone in the group registers and we drop below the threshold for the discount?

A: In such an event, everyone in the group will need to pay the higher rate. The office will notify you if this is the case. For example, if you had 6 people in your group and got a 15% discount, but only 4 actually sign up, the group rate drops to 10% and each person will have to pay the difference.

Questions? Call 484-380-2448 or email acepstaff@gmail.com

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